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Casareccia Pollo Piccante Pasta Recipe



Casareccia is a traditional short pasta, loosely rolled lengthways and slightly twisted. The twisted shape makes them great for holding sauce, whether it’s simple pesto or chunky sauce. Here we have our spicy harissa chicken that is a Zizzi customer favourite in our restaurants!

Spicy harissa chicken in a creamy sauce with tomatoes.

200g Casareccia Pasta

1 Chicken Breast

10g Belazu Rose Harissa Paste

115ml Double Cream

5 Cherry Tomatoes

1 Handful of Spinach

Salt & Pepper (to taste)

Olive Oil

  1. Cook 200g casareccia pasta for 8-10 minutes in salted, boiling water.
  2. Season your chicken breast with salt and pepper and pop into a hot pan with a little olive oil, cook through, remove and slice.
  3. For the sauce, add 10g harissa paste into the pan, followed by 115ml double cream and a couple of tablespoons of pasta water and 5 tomatoes.
  4. Add your chicken back to the pan, followed by a handful of spinach. Stir together and let simmer for a few minutes, serve and enjoy!